Lecturer: Lache

After obtaining my Btech in Fashion Design from CPUT in 2009, I have worked in various aspects of the fashion industry including, retail clothing buying, styling, starting a clothing brand and teaching at Create Hobby.

Sewing and all things creative is my passion, being able to pass on the skill and joy that comes with sewing through teaching makes me happy.

Lecturer: Gailene

After studying fashion design at CPUT, I kick-started my career in the industry with an internship at Truworths and YDE.

Soon after I started working as a designer and later on as a buyer for an YDE label. I also custom make clothing and do small production runs for private clients.

I love creating beautiful things and my passion for sewing led me to Create.Hobby.

It is extremely satisfying to be able to share my knowledge with students and help them learn a new skill.

Lecturer: Genevieve

Completed my honors in clinical psychology in 2011, after working for a few years in Human Resources, I went back to study fashion at the Design Academy of Fashion in Woodstock. After a couple of years of sewing, I realized that was my true passion.

Why I love sewing: sewing for me is so much more than a creative outlet, it’s fashion freedom and a space to express who I uniquely am. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about loving the sewing process and making something special. It’s a doorway to meeting talented people, making friends and experiencing the delight of wearing your own creations.

Lecturer: Natasha

My love for crafts started in primary school Grade 2. Mom taught me how to do embroidery and knitting and my childhood friends mom taught me how to crochet.

Founder: Andrea

From a very young age I fell in love with sewing and knew I had to pursue this later on in life. I completed my diploma in Fashion Design in 2008. From there I went on to work in a clothing factory as a designer & production coordinator and every other position I could possibly fill, which made for a very diverse and interesting work experience.

While working in the factory, I discovered my passion for teaching. I thrived off passing on my knowledge to others and enjoyed seeing others grow with the knowledge they had gained. This inspired the start of Create. Hobby in 2013. I wanted to open doors for the every day person to pursue their sewing dreams. What ever the dream, I wanted to try assist them to reach it. At Create. Hobby we try and make a dreams a reality may they be big or small.